More complex exec commands in desktop files

farinet at farinet at
Sat Apr 26 14:46:47 UTC 2014

Am 26.04.2014 15:37, schrieb Andre Rodovalho:
> try this:
> Exec=lxterminal -T Ceni --command='sudo ceni'

Thanks a lot for intervening!

But, your proposal does not work, not even in <ALT><F2>. But,i think i
figured out wherefrom came the problem. Ceni was upgraded to a new
version and, silently, i think, they changed the desktop file as well.
Therein in found:


Commenting that out, 'gksu "lxterminal -T Ceni -e ceni"' works fine
(i've no need of the geometry definition anymore, since Ceni itselfs
adapts the window to its needs; before you had to enlarge the 80 columns
width to 90 or so. Now that seems to be done internally).

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