Lubuntu-users Digest, Vol 28, Issue 64

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Sat Apr 26 15:59:42 UTC 2014

Am 26.04.2014 14:00, schrieb lubuntu-users-request at
> Lubuntu no longer likes certain graphics cards, at least not since
> several releases back.  It's kind of buried [1] but you can try the
> work-around for the Radeon card, if that's what you have:
> When booting the Live DVD, at the DVD's boot prompt where it says the
> default option is 'live', try
> 	live video=radeonfb:1024x768-32
> instead of letting it timeout or just plain 'live'  If that solves the
> graphics problem, then it is safe to continue the installation and the
> Live installer will then pass those settings on to the installed system
> automatically.

I'm afraid you're right: I did a dist-upgrade with the existing
installation (made from a mintppc mini iso 2 years ago - because imho at
the time being mint dealed better with the noisy fan problem - but
changed then essentially to a debian setup; iceweasel and icedove exist
for ppc over there). And the result of that upgrade was the same or at
least similar graphics distortion problem like with the lubuntu live iso.

Technically, i presume, i'd have to put in

     live video=radeonfb:1440x900-32

since it's a 17" PB (?)

Two questions in this regard:

How would have to look like the corrisponding statement in yaboot?
I'm under the impression i also saw the msg, kernel failed to load fb
modules (or something like that). Would that mean the modules are not
there anymore? Or that the were not requested and therefor not loaded?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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