Mute shortcut problem...

Israel israeldahl at
Fri Apr 25 12:08:14 UTC 2014

On 04/25/2014 06:34 AM, farinet at wrote:
> Am 25.04.2014 10:34, schrieb lubuntu-users-request at
>> Now I made it (last message, I promis)
>> My entry on lubuntu-rc.xml:
>>     <keybind key="XF86AudioMute">
>>       <action name="Execute">
>>         <command>amixer -c 1 -q sset Master toggle</command>
>>       </action>
>>      <action name="Execute">
>> <command>amixer -c 1 -q sset Speaker unmute</command>
>>      </action>
>>     <action name="Execute">
>> <command>amixer -c 1 -q sset Headphone unmute</command>
>>       </action>
>>     </keybind>
>> "-c 1" is to select a diferent audio card, so I guess most people won't
>> need it. I suppose the standard is "-c 0"
> Unfortunately, this does not work for me. I tried with and without -c 1
> respectively 0 (which would be, i presume the control of the hdmi
> output). Anyway, i'm somewhat confused, because in my lubuntu-rc.xml i
> find the volume keybindings twice. Consciously, i did not touch this
> file til now.
> Where will i find the default lubuntu-rc.xml - to start from that
> eventually?

I think you can simply rename that file to something else (to back it up
just in case) and then restart lubuntu, and it will reinstall the file
there.  If you want to do it manually you will still have to restart to
use the new config file, though.  I think logging out and then back in
should be sufficient to do this, though I could be mistaken.
I do not quite know where the system file lives on the system, though. 
You could do some browsing around in /usr/share if you like, though
someone here may know exactly where it is off the top of their head.
Make sure you simply BACKUP the file and do NOT delete it.  If you back
it up you can always fix things from a console.  If you delete it, you
will have more trouble figuring out what to do :)

Does anyone know for sure if it will be automatically reinstalled?  I
feel like it was reinstalled in the past when I had gotten a little too
carried away tweaking things, and then couldn't find my missing closing
tag (or whatever) and had to start over and diff the two to find out
what went wrong in my tweaking.


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