Update on 14.04

Phill Whiteside phillw at vpolink.com
Tue Apr 22 02:44:51 UTC 2014


I'd like to heard what bug numbers we have onto this email so that I can
liase with our head of dev when he gets settled into his new appartment
(and has internet etc!!!).

The Chromium bug seems to be an a row with iBus, killing the iBus applet
brings being able to type into Chromium. At this point I do not see a need
to go running off to another system that has zero chance of being accepted
into an LTS and suggest people await a full bug fix. (We need more

The Bug is in Chromium and iBUS API ... they just need told to be play
together nicely.

The nm-applet not being there.. well, it just seems to have been forgotten
to be auto start - I'm as guilty as any tester, as I didn't even notice it
had gone because it had not being there had no effect as I rebooted simply
because it had been previously configured. (We need more testsers!!!)


Anyone else got any major bugs, apart the usual 'my old graphics card
doesn't work' ?

Please feel free to speak freely, but please also note that this is a
request of where we are and not people to start arguing with each other.
Please keep such squabbles to your selves and just leave constrictive
comments on here.



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