sound missing on Trusty upgrade

Aere Greenway Aere at
Sun Apr 20 20:02:34 UTC 2014

On 04/20/2014 09:44 AM, ø wrote:
>> I'm totally stumped about this one. I was even listening to music while
>> do-release-upgrade was doing its thing but upon restart, I've got no
>> sound. I first looked to pulse, which was installed (I think it came
>> along with tuxguitar and I never noticed) so I removed it. No change. I
>> tried force-reloading ALSA, but that did not elicit a change. I toggled
>> muting in alsamixer to no avail. I killed the timidity deamon (yeah, I
>> do a lot of audio stuff) which has been reported to be an issue and
>> nothing. Still, I have what appears to be a working system, as reported
>> by aplay, play, mplayer, audacious, etc. Nothing is complaining and yet
>> I don't have sound. I feel I can rule out a hardware issue because
>> previously it did work. That being said, below is some information that
>> I hope helps someone figure this out!
> it turns out that i wasn't toggling the alsamixer muting in the right
> combination. so, i'm good. but there's this weird "auto mute" feature i
> have that i fear may be the problem. it doesn't work right. it will mute
> the speakers on headphones (good) but then when i unplug the headphones
> it doesn't UN-mute the speakers. anyone know what to do about THAT?
> wxl

Where you install PulseAudio, and use it, make sure you also install the 
"pavucontrol" (Pulse Audio Volume Control) package.

Once you have that, run it, and see what is configured for you.  You may 
want to change things, or tweak things to work the way you want it.

I was having problems with multiple sound cards, and I needed to specify 
which one for it to use by default.  But it appears you just have one 
sound card, so that isn't the problem.

I had a lot better luck controlling audio using pavucontrol than with 
the ALSA-mixer.


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