sound missing on Trusty upgrade

ø carsrcoffins23 at
Sun Apr 20 15:44:00 UTC 2014

> I'm totally stumped about this one. I was even listening to music while                                         
> do-release-upgrade was doing its thing but upon restart, I've got no                                            
> sound. I first looked to pulse, which was installed (I think it came                                            
> along with tuxguitar and I never noticed) so I removed it. No change. I                                         
> tried force-reloading ALSA, but that did not elicit a change. I toggled                                         
> muting in alsamixer to no avail. I killed the timidity deamon (yeah, I                                          
> do a lot of audio stuff) which has been reported to be an issue and                                             
> nothing. Still, I have what appears to be a working system, as reported                                         
> by aplay, play, mplayer, audacious, etc. Nothing is complaining and yet                                         
> I don't have sound. I feel I can rule out a hardware issue because                                              
> previously it did work. That being said, below is some information that                                         
> I hope helps someone figure this out!                                                                           

it turns out that i wasn't toggling the alsamixer muting in the right
combination. so, i'm good. but there's this weird "auto mute" feature i
have that i fear may be the problem. it doesn't work right. it will mute
the speakers on headphones (good) but then when i unplug the headphones
it doesn't UN-mute the speakers. anyone know what to do about THAT?


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