Lubuntu 14.04 LTS

Kadrija Hrlovic kalehrl at
Thu Apr 17 20:56:25 UTC 2014

I've just installed Lubuntu 14.04 and, as always, I have to say great work
I had to use 'forcepae' boot option before installation and it does its job.
There is no need for fake-pae, grub-n-iso images and similar workarounds
like for 13.10.
Also, uxa acceleration tweak is no longer necessary because default
graphics are fine now.
I also installed flashplayer and tried some youtube videos and they play
fine - no weird colours like in 13.10.
When I booted the laptop for the first time, I noticed there was no network
manager icon but it is easily solved by going to default applications for
LXsession, core applications and typing 'nm-applet' in Network GUI and
clicking reload.
Great work btw making this window look much better than in 13.10.
Is the wireless icon supposed to be blue?
All other icons are monochromatic so this one sticks out.
Once again thank you and this first Lubuntu LTS certainly is worthy of the
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