Evince image viewer cannot view PNG

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sat Sep 21 05:38:06 UTC 2013

On 09/20/2013 09:12 PM, Phill Whiteside wrote:

> I'd like this discussion to continue, as it just makes sense to
> do it that way.

One issue is what Win98 does, if that is your target audience for
this... it just uses program names, as far as I know.  If you install
7zip you don't get a menu item named "Archiver (7zip)", you get one
named 7zip.  Worse, sometimes in Windows you get one for the vendor name
and then the product is buried at a second level, so we have a backup
program called Syncback but it is made by a company called
2brightsparks, so when installed, the menu item is named 2brightsparks,
and only after selecting that do you see a submenu item called Syncback!
 Ugh.  Marketing getting in the way of productivity.

So I suggest we should not take the "Win98" idea all that far!

> I've not trialled ubuntu 13.10 out, so with all their lenses etc. I
> cannot state what order they list applications by.

Might be worth trying 13.04 or 13.10 with the Cinnamon DE, as it has
menus somewhat closer to Lubuntu ones in basic approach, at least.

> As a separate note, do you still have the facilities to make a
> community re-spin of an ISO?
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1227202 needs an
> ISO spinning to see if the zram bug is solved.

I don't know :)  I still have a decent Internet connection and PC, but
whether my various scripts for taking apart and reassembling Lubuntu
ISOs will work on 13.10 images is totally unknown.  No promises, but I
might be able to at least start down that path tomorrow (Saturday).


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