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Julien Lavergne gilir at ubuntu.com
Tue Sep 17 21:39:07 UTC 2013

2013/9/7 AG Restringere <ag.restringere at gmail.com>

> Hello All,
> I've recently switched from 'Unity' as my default to 'LXDE' and I'm pretty
> happy with it, I'm currently on 13.10.  There's this option on the
> 'lightdm' session login screen to use a QT version of 'LXDE'.  For some
> reason when I click it nothing loads, it's just a blank screen.  I'm really
> excited about the QT version of 'LXDE' and the merger with 'Razor QT' and I
> really want to try this out.  There doesn't seem to be a PPA for this in
> the Lubuntu daily builds.  What is the best way to install the QT version
> on Ubuntu 13.10?

You have to be patient, it's still a work in progress, with no real
visibility, except that nothing will be ready before 14.04.

Julien Lavergne
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