[Results] Lubuntu 13.10 - Community Wallpaper Contest

Alexander Andjelkovic andjelkovic at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 06:31:23 UTC 2013


The poll has come to an end and we have five new wallpapers for
Lubuntu 13.10. We had a total of 1699 unique voters that picked their
5 favourite wallpapers (= 8495 votes), here are the winning

1. "Muelle" by Manuel Puentes with 1261 Votes (15%)
2. "Two Jack Lake" by C Ayers with 1050 Votes (12%)
3. "A Winter Magic" by Luciash D'Being with 1033 Votes (12%)
4. "Smolikas" by George Blades Voulgarakis with 923 Votes (11%)
5. "Moody" by Robert Wicek with 813 Votes (10%)

(Complete result summary can be viewed at [1])

I personally want to thank everyone that in any form made a
contribution to this contest - competitors, voters, promoters,
everyone. Also, a big thank you goes to Guillaume Le Roy who once
again helped us host our contest at http://picomp.it - a great tool
and service of his that we've used for several contests now.

Next contest will be held sometime in March and will decide our
default wallpapers for Lubuntu 14.04!

[1]: http://picomp.it/contest/results/1178/lubuntu-13-10-community-wallpaper-contest/

Alexander Andjelkovic
Lubuntu Artwork

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