[Lubuntu-qa] please help testing the alternate iso, amd64+mac & armhf+ac100

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 15:19:09 UTC 2013

On 2013-09-04 17:09, Erick Brunzell wrote:
> On 09/04/2013 12:35 AM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> The desktop isos of Lubuntu Saucy beta 1 are tested rather well by now,
>> but the alternate isos are lagging behind. Please help testing the
>> alternate iso files, amd64+mac & armhf+ac100 :-)
>> See this link
>> http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/270/builds
>> I am zsyncing the 32-bit alternate iso now, but I have only time for a
>> few more tests before it will be too late ...
>> Best regards
>> Nio
> My current plan is to finish the uncompleted amd64 live tests, and then
> to hit the i386 alternate tests, but I don't know what I'm doing with
> encryption so I'll skip that test.
> Lance

(^: Good news :v)

Then I will do the encryption testcase. I don't know much about it
either, but I ran it for alpha2, and I think it worked. Recently I
downloaded the 32-bit iso. Now I have made and uploaded a tarball of
Saucy Beta 1 for the One Button Installer, so I should have time soon,
but it's time to feed the crew now (dinner).

Best regards

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