People do not understand the desktop installer

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Thu Oct 24 13:26:19 UTC 2013

Hi everybody,

Today, there is another person, who misunderstood the partitioning
dialogue of the desktop installer.

'When I went to install 13.10 I chose the option to remove windows and
replace with Ubuntu. I had two partitions when I chose this. One with
files I wanted to keep and the other being the windows 7 partition. When
I chose to remove windows I assumed it would be placed on my C drive and
not my other one. But what actually ended up happening was all my
partitions merged into one deleting everything. Now I only have Ubuntu
on my drive. I need help retrieving my files please!'


This is what I have been telling, when describing the One Button Installer

Case 1: Tool that is easy to use and just works

The normal linux installers that come with iso files are complicated to
use or freeze during the installation process, and you want a tool that
is easier to use and just works.
a. The Desktop Installer is flexible and looks nice, and is generally
easy to understand, but the partitioning page can make people confused.
There are several threads at the Ubuntu Forums describing installations,
where a previous system has been overwritten by mistake. ...'

It is really too bad, and something that should be improved in 14.04

Best regards

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