Multi-Processor Usage an Lubuntu 13.10 (64-bit) on MacBook

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Thu Oct 24 04:27:07 UTC 2013

On 2013-10-24 01:11, Aere Greenway wrote:
> All:
> After installing Lubuntu 13.10 (64-bit Mac) on my MacBook, I notice an
> anomaly with respect to multi-processor usage.
> I installed gnome-system-monitor (because I like the graph showing
> internet throughput).
> On using it on other systems, when it's on a multi-processor system, it
> shows a CPU-usage graph-line for each available processor.  But in this
> case (even though it has two processors), there is only one CPU-usage
> graph line.
> When I checked the "System Tools"..."System Profiler and Benchmark"
> tool, it showed that it is a dual core (2 processor) machine, and that
> each processor has a speed of 2 gigahertz.
> Yet when I later ran Qsynth on it (where it was configured to use
> PulseAudio, rather than JACK), there were cut-outs in the sound,
> suggesting that perhaps it is only using one processor.
> So I am wondering if the Gnome System Monitor is actually correct in
> showing only one processor?
> If so, why does the System Profiler show that it is a dual-processor?
Hi Aere,

When I have had similar issues, it has turned out, that I have been
using a distro or version with a kernel without SMP support, so that is
has been using only one kernel. I don't think that would be the cause of
your problem, but I suspect, that the kernel does not recognize your
hardware properly, and only activates on of the processors.

Try live with some other versions and check if they show that both
processors are running. You can also install and run htop to get a
simple and straightforward display.

Best regards

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