Lubuntu Screencasts about to be deleted

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Wed Oct 9 10:44:16 UTC 2013

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> Hi folks, 
> I sadly got a news from that they are deleting my account in 30 days 
> which means that all the lubuntu screencasts will be deleted. Most of those 
> screencasts are luckily hosted on youtube aswell (and I hope youtube will not 
> delete my account) so they are rescued. But the rss feed was generated by 
> and will be gone. Also links in the wiki and other sites will be 
> obsolete when they link to . 
> PS: And no no real explaination was given from why they are deleting 
> the account. I only can say if you have an account there don't use it and 
> migrate to something else. They suck balls. 

Sad news. Really I don't know and I never used this site for my videos. All are hosted in youtube. 
Without a reason ? This is weird. 
Anyway, lucky for you (and others) as you said your videos are hosted in youtube also, so it is OK I assume.  


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