Lubuntu Screencasts about to be deleted

Leszek Lesner ( leszek.lesner at
Wed Oct 9 09:10:27 UTC 2013

Hi folks, 

I sadly got a news from that they are deleting my account in 30 days 
which means that all the lubuntu screencasts will be deleted. Most of those 
screencasts are luckily hosted on youtube aswell (and I hope youtube will not 
delete my account) so they are rescued. But the rss feed was generated by and will be gone. Also links in the wiki and other sites will be 
obsolete when they link to . 

PS: And no no real explaination was given from why they are deleting 
the account. I only can say if you have an account there don't use it and 
migrate to something else. They suck balls. 

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