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Hi Israel,

On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 5:38 PM, Israel <israeldahl at> wrote:

> I know as a user, I looked to you as the leader of Lubuntu, someone who
> was always there to answer my questions and help when I had an issue that I
> needed help with.  Thank you for being there for us!

That 'fact' has never changed and will never ever be changed. I'd be more
than glad to help and support as much as I can, whenever possible. You can
still reach me if you need anything, I am still around and will be
subscribed to this mailing list :) I just removed myself from all the other
mailing lists :) beside stepping down and leave the sub-teams for new blood
who hopefully can drive/lead/administrate and move forward.

Thank you for your kind and nice words :)

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
Best Regards,
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