Roadmap for 14.04

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Sat Nov 23 05:11:45 UTC 2013

On 2013-11-23 04:02, David Yentzen wrote:
> Ibere,
>   Thank you for your response.  I did not know this about Julien,
> however, I suspected something as such. The community does seem to be
> self-regulating for the most part but perhaps some type of consensus
> decision making style Release Manager may be of benefit.
>   No, I have not, yet, read Jono Bacon's book-its on my list. I have
> read Eric Raymond's CatB and Butler Shaffer's Boundaries of Order( a
> study of the nature of human organizations and institutions).
>   But, my original query still goes unanswered( and perhaps there is no
> answer)?
> Best Regards,
> David

Hi David,

Do you mean this one:

"I understand there is not enough infrastructure currently to support
training, mentoring, and performing many changes prior to 14.04 roll
out. I am mostly concerned with the future development of our community.
Since I am not only new to Lubuntu( and Linux) but also have no computer
background( all biological sciences and economics here), I rely on your
opinion and input. Are there any steps, you know of, that we as a
community can take now to attract and promote the technical human power
we need for a growing future?"

It seems to me, that we have to create those steps, if we want Lubuntu
to thrive ;-)

Best regards

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