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Wed Nov 20 13:35:45 UTC 2013

Hey Rafael,
How do I submit my openbox theme onto that site?  I simply linked to the
box-look version in the incoming proposals page.

I will also work on a theme that incorporates the Lubuntu color scheme
as well, but uses the round buttons, if you think that would be
beneficial.  I have also thought of making one with rounded squares
also, as that looks more 'modern', and would complement the beautiful
box icon theme.

Also, for the box icon theme, is there a working list of what icons need
to be made, and what icons could be made (maybe on launchpad in a
blueprint, or something?)  If not, that would be very helpful for people
that want to contribute.

On 11/19/2013 02:12 PM, Rafael Laguna wrote:
> Hello, boys and girls!
> the Lubuntu Artwork is proud to announce the new cycle dedicated to
> the Trusty Tahr release.This will be an amazing challenge for all of
> us, we're encouraged to build the most stable and user friendly
> Lubuntu environment ever.For that purpose there's a wiki page where
> you can add all your theming proposals, and when poll session start
> choosing the best ones (if any).
> Anyway, Lubuntu Box continues evolving. And we need you to improve it.
> That's why I'd like to ask you if some areas remain incomplete or
> worth a revision, such as: sharp GTK controls, missing app / device
> icons, panel / notification glyphs, etc.
> Now the links. For all your new proposals, you can address to this wiki:
> Please, be careful to read these wikies first, the Artwork policies
> and useful documentation (like how to make a wallpaper):
> ...and, in case you want to send more icons to the theme, the Box
> icons creation guidelines:
> You can see how Box evolves in Trusty at its own wiki:
> Also, if you'd like to add or claim for new Lubuntu related marketing
> items (posters, stickers, web banners, buttons, etc) have a look:
> Thank you very much for your patience reading all this ;)
> --
> Rafael Laguna
> Lubuntu Artwork Team


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