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Mon Nov 18 17:24:45 UTC 2013

On 11/18/2013 11:10 AM, Iberê Fernandes wrote:
> 2013/11/18 Julien Lavergne <gilir at>:
>> Before talking about the future of Lubuntu, you have to know and realize the
>> followings facts :
>> - My availability will not improve in the future. That means I will focus on
>> fixing stuff, improving lxsession stuff, try to do some documentation, and
>> prepare the future.
>> - We have to consider that no one will magically appear to improve the code
>> of Lubuntu. It's the case since many months, and I don't think it will
>> magically change for the next 6 months. We also don't have the
>> infrastructure (documentation, clean process, availability of mentors ...)
>> to correctly train new people on the devs team, so even if new young and
>> enthusiastic people arrive, they can't really help us if they need training,
>> guidance ...We may have some outside help on specific topics or bugs, but it
>> will not change deeply Lubuntu as we know it. If eventually someone comes
>> with actual work (mean, actual working code), we can still consider it if
>> it's well tested.
>> - LXDE is dying. Well, except pcmanfm, all components are frozen and will
>> probably not going to see any improvements in the next 6 months. Expect only
>> bug fixes and translations updates.
>> - LXQt (the merge of Razor-qt and LXDE, using Qt instead of GTK) is slowly
>> taking the place of the LXDE GTK. All work are done on this branch.
>> Considering this, and the result of the previous release, we have to admit
>> that we need to focus on fixing bugs for 14.04. We can't introduce new
>> functionalities and new stuff, unless it fixes bugs, or if someone from
>> outside the Lubuntu dev team is actively working on it. In the short-term,
>> that means :
>> - The only LXDE components which will be eventually upgraded will be pcmanfm
>> / libfm. The others will be upgraded, but currently there are only bug fixes
>> / translation updates releases.
>> - Adding light-locker for locking screen, it's actively developed, use (or
>> will be used) by Xubuntu, it's in the philosophy of Lubuntu (GTK apps
>> without any depends on other environment), it's prettier than xscreensaver,
>> more integrated with lightdm, and it will hopefully fix the locking problems
>> we have.
>> - No others changes in default applications. We removed the more
>> problematics ones, and a change will cause more testing, more integration
>> work … Generaly, and by default, we are frozen in term of functionalities.
>> The goal is double :
>> - Stabilize this 14.04 as much as we can, so it can be the release
>> reference.
>> - Prepare an eventual switch to Qt for 14.10, mostly by preparing the
>> testing environment for people, and make possible a smooth upgrade from the
>> GTK version.
>> I'll go through the blueprints open for discussions, but I'll apply strictly
>> the “rules” I made above. Don't be surprised …
>> Usually, there is a blueprint which summarize the workitems for the release
>> (see this for example
>> Since the next release is a “all-you-can-fix” roadmap, maintaining it will
>> be IMO a waste of time. If you want to work on something specific, talk to
>> me by mail or IRC (gilir on #lubuntu).
>> Regards,
>> Julien Lavergne
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> Julien,
> Thank you for your detailed e-mail. I was looking forward to hearing
> from 14.04 and the future.
> Regarding:
>> Since the next release is a “all-you-can-fix” roadmap, maintaining it will
>> be IMO a waste of time. If you want to work on something specific, talk to
>> me by mail or IRC (gilir on #lubuntu).
> I agree it'll be a waste of time if we may be moving to LXQt on 14.10 cycle.
> Hence, does 14.04 has to remain LTS yet? I mean, should we drop the
> LTS idea for 14.04 once:
> - LXDE is dying;
> - we're missing devs and LTS would demand support together with the
> non-LTS releases.
> - LXQt seems to be not  ready for 14.04
> Best regards,
+1 LXQt.  Of course if you do an LTS, you can SRU LXQt when it works
correctly, right?  You can include a ppa when using pbuilder, so
couldn't you transition people to LXQt once it is mature?  Or am I
misunderstanding something?
Also, Ubuntu is making a lot of Qt apps (for phone, etc...) but many of
those should work fairly easily with LXQt, and QML apps are pretty
simple to write, so building a QML app with the SDK to do simple things
seems to be fairly straightforward.

I am new here by the way, Hi everyone! I may have accidentally jumped
into the middle and didn't hear the full beginning, so excuse me if I
made some wrong inferences.  I am also beginning to learn QML, and have
a basic C++ understanding (still learning).  I really like Lubuntu more
than all the other alternatives to Unity (though I do like Unity as
well).  I joined this list because of talking to Rafael Laguna about
artwork, and this e-mail intrigued me so much I had to chime in.


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