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Hello my dear mentor,

On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 6:02 AM, Phill Whiteside <PhillW at phillw.net> wrote:

> Just my thoughts...

Which are most than welcome and needed in such situation :)

> I hate 'councils' with a passion. I also hate the badge of 'team leader'
> for the sub-groups. All any team requires is an admin person who looks
> after the day to day 'paper work'.

Then if these words is causing some allergic or some bad feeling or
uncomfortable feeling or anything negative in the world, we can re-phrase
the title of this proposal: Lubuntu Community Admins = LCA :)

Lubuntu = refers to the project
Community = refers to the community which is: members + users -
Admins = the current Team Leaders for example

The idea is not with the name, the idea is to clean the real mess that
Lubuntu has for more than a year and I am sure you know what I mean.
Because everyone inside and outside the Lubuntu Community knows what I am
talking about. It is no secret anymore. Ask anyone and they will tell you
one word: Lubuntu now is a mess.

> The lubunteers do the work and chat to each other all the time.

I am sorry, I don't see that for some months now. But that is me.

> I fail to see how a 'council' would help in any way and also feel it would
> drive people away. Let me just remind you of a 'rule' of freenode which is
> about catalysts.....
> http://freenode.net/catalysts.shtml
> I broke that, and resigned from my positions; but I do ask that you
> consider this...
> ... not through the use of authority and special privilege, ....
> When ubuntu-beginners created a council, it was the death, UBT no longer
> exists.

My mentor I am afraid the word 'council' has given you the 'wrong'
impression here :(

I am proposing this exactly to defeat the 'authority' and 'special
privilege' and hence, the word 'Community'.
 NO more dictatorship. I do have the emails and in fact, these are on the
Public Archive. The future is based on the past. And the past was full of
mistakes and I can't bite by tongue any longer. I can't see all this and
remain silent :(

Please, go through the proposal again.
The whole idea behind it is to motivate people + have a team work spirit +
increase activities + all the good thing

WE Do not need a police man to tell us do this or that. We do need though
someone who organize and clean the huge mess. And, this is exactly what
this proposal is all about.

> So, other lubunteers, please think long and hard about raising a
> 'council'; IMHO, it is a really bad idea and even though I have stepped
> down from 'official' stuff...

First, this is just a proposal. Second, do you have a 'better' idea or any
idea to clean the mess? for two weeks now, or more, we haven't received one
single word from many people we are sending the emails and we ended up
banging our heads by the way. Above all, my I remind you of:


I am sure you remember these days.

And to quote:

*"Lubuntu may survive as a system, since people rely on it, and I
careenough to not abandon them. Lubuntu may not survive as a community,
asit demonstrates an incredible ability to torn apart itself. So be it.
Itdon't have enough willpower to maintain it anymore. Someone else
wouldmaybe have it, and will build something else."*

And, when we offer help to someone I am not going to mention his/her name
here, he/she refused even to reply to that email. And then, complain that
we don't have enough manpower. I fail to understand this maze.

As one of the other issues that Lubuntu failed to solve is the website.
Just for your information, the Ubuntu Community Council are working on this
Two years and the team can NOT or do NOT have access to change 'one' word
on that website (look at Xubuntu website and see how organized and
beautiful it is?!) because someone decided not to share the access and not
to even reply his emails.

> I wanted to let you know my thoughts.
> My kindest regards,
> Phill.
Your thoughts are needed whether you are resigned or not. Please, just
think about it and if you have any other idea, please share it.

Thank you :)

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
Best Regards,
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