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David Yentzen dbyentzen at
Mon Nov 11 02:51:59 UTC 2013

Thanks for the additional info. I have: . I, too, feel zeitgeist
came in as a recommend since after removing it from  Lubuntu 13.10 ( as I
have modified it as *my own* ) works fine. I already knew about apt-cache
show...what I did not know was the last part about simulated apt-get
install. Thanks, this will come in very handy in the future!

Best Regards,
David Yentzen

On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 7:59 PM, Augustine Souza <aesouza2008 at>wrote:

> David, couple of points ...
> I could be wrong here because I not an IT guy, but, in the context of your
> question, something can be an "absolute" dependency or a "strong"
> dependency (aka recommend).
> If something is an absolute dependency, you can't easily remove it without
> removing the program that caused it to be pulled in (I think that's called
> the reverse depend). So, in your case, if you've managed to remove
> zeitgeist without pain I feel zeitgeist came in as a recommend and not as
> an absolute dependency.
> Because you've said you'd like to "know exactly what is installed and what
> it does", I suggest you look at:
> That should tell you
> what is installed in a pure Lubuntu.
> Of course, you can replace saucy with raring or precise or whatever to go
> back in time or you could change lubuntu to ubuntu or xubuntu to find out
> more about those desktop environments.
> Then, you could also familiarize yourself with
> apt-cache show package_name and
> apt-cache showpkg package_name
> to know more about specific packages and what their depends and reverse
> depends are.
> Another thing I do is to run a simulated apt-get install by using the -s
> flag: I can run
> apt-get install -s package_name
> to get a rather decent idea of what will be installed on **my** system
> were I to do an actual install rather than a simulation. Obviously, the
> output of apt-get install -s package_name will depend on what you already
> have on **your**
> system.
> On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 11:57 PM, David Yentzen <dbyentzen at>wrote:
>> Thanks for the input. I will have to go back and review where I picked it
>> up as a dependency. Regardless at this point, I have first disabled it and
>> then removed it without appearing to affect function.
>> Thanks to you both for letting me know that it is not apart of the
>> default install, this gives me a starting point. I like, very much, to know
>> exactly what is installed and what it does.
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