Happy upgrade experience with 13.10-amd64

Dale Visser dale.visser at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 00:32:15 UTC 2013

  For about a year, our family room PC has been running Edubuntu 12.04
(dual boot with Windows 7).

Lately, I've been wanting my sons to have access to a later version of
GCompris, and they wanted the latest version of Super Tux Cart. Since I've
been quite happy so far with Lubuntu 13.04 and 13.10 on my work PC, I
upgraded the Edubuntu system  to Lubuntu 13.10-amd64.

It went nearly perfectly. I *did* have to manually recreate their login
accounts, but their files and settings were still there! :-)

Thanks for a great release!

Dale Visser
(dale-visser on launchpad)

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