Preferences > Desktop Session Settings missing in 13.10

Federico Leoni effelle at
Sun Nov 3 11:37:07 UTC 2013

2013/10/28 John Hupp <lubuntu at>:
> I referred to this problem in another thread, but it really is a separate
> topic, so here it is on its own.
> I was troubleshooting an Autostart problem and was looking for Preferences >
> Desktop Session Settings, but find that it is not present.  This is in a
> full installation of desktop i386 Saucy done within the past week or so.
> Federico Leoni reports that Desktop Session Settings is present in his full
> install, so my initial assumption that Preferences > Default Applications
> for LXSession somehow replaces Desktop Session Settings is incorrect.
> So the next question would be how can I fix this (and maybe also how did it
> happen)?
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sorry for the late reply. Desktop Session Settings is not present
anymore but if you like you can have it back installing the package
lxsession-edit. Remember that if you want to use it you need to go to
Preferences-> Default Applications for LXSession-->Autostart and set
Disable autostarted application to "no"

The problem is that Default Applications for LXSession doesn't seems
to working fine. Better edit manually your configuration files. I
don't know if the application is temporary but if it is the new
direction, well, we need to help them.
Anyway I don't know if it worth to open a bug or not.


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