Application for displaying and recording network connection

Qua Purna quapurna at
Sun Nov 3 08:21:39 UTC 2013

Halo, Forum Members.

For Lubuntu 13.10, I use mobile broadband for connection.

I need an application that has the following features.

1. It is specifically created for LXDE (Lubuntu).

2. It shows me the incoming and outgoing (speed and amount of data in
kilobyte) while the computer is being connected to the net.
This may appear on the panel bar (an applet) or by using its small window.

3. It records the connection history in a list.
e.g.   ISP; Date; Time; Incoming; Outgoing (amount of data in kilobyte)

4. The list can be exported to a file in csv format.

What application should I use ?

Thank you.

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