keymap us(alt-intl) not working as expected.

Federico Leoni effelle at
Fri Nov 1 22:34:27 UTC 2013

Before open a bug (if possible for a single layout) I would like to
see if anyone is suffering for the same issue.

For my work and for real life I write a lot in English, Italian and
Portuguese so on all my system desktop (Lubuntu 13.04), netbook and
notebook (Lubuntu 13.10), I set my keyboard to US alternative
What I expect pressing the key " ' " followed by " c " from the
keyboard is  the special char " ç " (ALT code 135) but on 13.10 it
read it as a " ć ", when on 13.04 is working as expected.
I tried to configure it with the new keyboard layout Handler applet
and with the old-but-good Lxkeymap but Lubuntu simply seems to ignore
the existence of that char. The rest of the keyboard is working fine.
This char is really important for Portuguese so it's a big problerm
for me.
I can change the keyboard layout without troubles, so the issue seems
to be related to this specific layer.
I tried with a standard Ubuntu 13.04/13.10 live, same behavior.

I hope you will understand what I mean, if no one as any clues I'll open a bug.



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