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Wed May 15 17:19:10 UTC 2013

On 05/15/2013 10:50 AM, John Hupp wrote:
> On Windows, Thunderbird has suffered from severe font bugs starting 
> with v.16 I think. This occurs with users who send in HTML format 
> (rather than plain text) and have changed the default composition font 
> in Options.  If you do any editing of your reply, the recipient is 
> likely to receive text with a mixture of user-selected and default 
> fonts.  It looks like something a child may have written.  But this 
> problem does not appear in the editor window, and the sender usually 
> isn't aware of the problem until someone replies and includes the 
> previously-sent material.
> I brought this up with one other *buntu/Thunderbird user, who didn't 
> seem to have the same problem.  Any feedback from Lubuntu Thunderbird 
> users here?

Months ago, you alerted me to this possibility, and I have been watching 
for it.

E-mails I send to this list are all done using Thunderbird mail, on 
Lubuntu (latest version).  Since all those e-mails are sent to the list, 
I see them (what I sent) coming back again.

I always use HTML (I don't use plain text unless the sender requires it).

I have never seen the dire consequences you warned me of, and repeated 
above.  As a writer, I am sensitive to that sort of thing, and would be 
repelled by it.

The only problem I have observed, is what appears in the indented line 
below.  In that line, I selected the word "bold" and changed it to bold 
emphasis, and it appeared that way (in bold) to me in the e-mail I 
sent.  Here is the line:

     This line has a single word in *bold* emphasis (or at least, it 
should have).

To avoid that problem, I simply avoid using different emphasis (which 
you can't do in plain text anyway).

My experience with Thunderbird has been good.

I switched to it from Evolution (which I used for years before) because 
on Lubuntu, it kept hanging (and severely slowing down my system) every 
time it tried to check for new mail.  It was so bad, that I had it never 
check for mail, and I would manually click to have it check for mail at 
times I could take the risk.

I still keep my Evolution mail database, but only use it for accessing 
e-mails from the years I used it.  I never use it for new e-mails.

As far as I know, the hang problem is still there.  It was a known 
problem back when I was fighting with it, and they never did fix it (at 
least, not on Lubuntu).  I didn't want to change to some other 
distribution to be able to use it.

Thunderbird has been a good alternative for me, and it has features like 
being able to automatically delete e-mails older than a specified 
time-period for each folder (so my e-mail database doesn't keep growing).


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