mozilla system freeze-up

Aere Greenway Aere at
Wed May 15 02:00:58 UTC 2013

On 05/14/2013 02:13 PM, Gerry wrote:
> Hola mis compadres Lubuntu!
> Seamonkey 2.17 freezes my machine, there's no alternative but to power
> off/on. This also occurs with Firefox & Thunderbird. The system
> message, fleetingly diplayed, refers to Glib... pagesize ==0. I've
> tried using the NVIDIA card driver but the problem persists.

I use Thunderbird all the time on Lubuntu 13.04 (on my 32-bit I386 
Intel-graphics machine), and experience no problems.  All my e-mails use 

For 6 months before, I used Lubuntu 12.10 on the same machine, again 
using Thunderbird the whole time.

There must be some other difference between our systems causing (or 
exposing) the problem.


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