Urgent Leave

Ali Linx (amjjawad) amjjawad at gmail.com
Tue May 14 09:09:32 UTC 2013


I'll be extremely busy for the coming days and most likely I won't be
available until Tue, 21-5-2013 :(

I will do my very best to at least read/reply the important emails but no
promises regarding any support :(

Wish me good luck!

Thank you!
*Best Regards,*
*amjjawad <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad/>*
*Start Ubuntu<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/CommunicationsTeam/WOWLubuntu/StartUbuntu>

*Test Machine: ASUS F3F Laptop - **Intel Core Duo T2350 @ 1.86GHz with
489MB RAM*
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