New LXDE image viewer - LXImage-Qt

PCMan at
Tue May 14 06:17:29 UTC 2013

I did a new Qt-based image viewer for LXDE/Qt.
git clone git://

It's not the Qt port of the gtk+-based GPicView image viewer program.
Strictly speaking this is a new application.
The original GPicView mimics the UI of Windows image viewer.
LXImage-Qt resembles Viewnior and eog more, but it's Qt-based.
I know there are already several Qt-based image viewers, but I'm not
satisfied with them. So it's time to make one.

1. Fast multi-threading image loading with gio/gvfs support. Can load
file on remote filesystems supported by gvfs. (not yet finished)
2. Acceptable memory usage (I say acceptable, not low, but it won't be
heavier than any other Qt-based viewers. Otherwise its' a bug and I'll
fix it.)
3. Libfm-Qt integration. In the future thumbnails and file
properties/file operation supprt from libfm will be used. Currently
libfm is used for folder loading and monitoring.
4. Good painting performance on zooming without increasing memory
usage. Thanks to QGraphicsView/QGraphicsScene canvas system provided
by Qt, this becomes a trivial task. The Gtk+ equivalence should be
gtkimageview lib which is not part of gtk+ and is gtk+ 2 only. Without
3rd party lib, doing this with plain gtk+ is a pain.
5. Better UI and cleaner code base than GPicView.

To compile the program, you need the latest git version of libfm-qt
and libexif (not used now, but will be used soon). Please help test if
you're interested.


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