current accessibility with Lubuntu

Jonathan Nadeau j.nadeau at
Wed May 1 13:03:56 UTC 2013

Hello list,

I have made a spin of Lubuntu making it accessible with the Orca screen 
reader. I can give the configurations to whom it may concern to get this 
up stream. Right now with the way that I have it set up there are two 
problems. The first is the lxpanle is mostly inaccessible. The only part 
that is accessible is the menu where the applications are such as 
accessories, Internet and office. I can get to the programs within these 
parts of the menu but I can't get Orca to read the network manager or 
the volume control and everything else on the panel. The second thing is 
pcmanfm won't read anything on the desktop with Orca. If I have a file 
saved on the desktop or try to make a shortcut for home Orca doesn't see 
any of these things with pcmanfm. But if I use nautilus as a filemanager 
then Orca will see the things on the desktop. But as far as I can tell 
these are the only two things stopping Lubuntu from being extremely 
accessible. This would be great to get Lubuntu and lXDe accessible 
because it is a very fast desktop and would be great for blind and low 
vision people throughout the world. I know there is talks of lxde 
switching to qt I'm affraid of the setback this will cause with 
accessibility of LXDE. We are so close to getting it 100% accessible.

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