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The beta 1 releases were made, these were the first chance to get a look at
what lubuntu 13.04 will behave (minus the art work). We got several out,
but missed out on others which had not been tested. If you care, and can
spend some time, please do get involved so that we can release lubuntu to
as many people on as many computer systems as possible.
Head over to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing
If you are worried about being an ISO tester, then let me assure you of one
simple thing.... You were an ISO tester when you installed lubuntu the
first time :) You are here because it worked; some of you may had problems
that needed help.. Let us get 13.04 better! The developers have done their
part, we now need people to test it.

As always, your help and support is highly appreciated and after all,
because of you, Lubuntu is still alive and still dazzling the world. Thank
you so much!

*Best Regards,
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