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Dear Lubuntu'ers,

Kindly have a read on the below Email from Ubuntu Beginner Team. The team
is doing a major changes which should help each and everyone to move
forward with better achievement.

If someone is interesting, please have a look at:

Your help, support and contribution is, as always, highly appreciated and
needed ;)

Thank you all :)


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Date: Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 5:16 AM
Subject: team updates and updating the wiki
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Hello team,
We are working hard to trim all the fat off the team. Getting rid of
unnecessary structure and overhead while making the team more efficient and

Some of the changes that have been taking place are:

We have made the team open and no longer moderated. The membership process
was a bit confusing and seemed to many to be holding people back rather
then encouraging them. People felt they could not take initiative and do
certain tasks if they were not Beginners Team Members. Many users who were
in the membership process seeked approval from their mentor for many tasks
that did not require such approval. The member approval process seemed to
take more work then value provided. This was true for a lot of the systems
we had in place.

Their is no longer a mentor/mentee program. Assigning each interested user
a team member was a lot of work and proved to be a major roadblock as users
where not getting mentors or mentors where overwhelmed and not able to
provide the kind of support needed. This type of mentoring program proved
to be unmaintainable in not just our team. It seems that many teams in the
community where not able to make this system work. The bug squad trialed a
different type of system that seemed to work better. Users will be directed
to use IRC and especially the mailing list to ask questions and get
guidance. This will help distribute the work across the team. I want to
encourage everyone to try and be more vigilant in looking for questions
from members on our mailing list and in #ubuntu-beginners-team. If we all
pitch in it should be less work for all of us. Additionally I would like as
many eyes as possible on these correspondence to help maintain the quality
of the answers given. We will rely on peer review to keep up the quality of
advice given. So everyone’s help is greatly appreciated.

We will no longer have separate focus groups. The overhead of running and
maintaining them was greater then the value they were providing to the
team. We no longer have separate IRC channels, mailing lists, and launchpad
teams for the focus groups.

These changes need to be reflected in the wiki. The wiki in general has
been in need some work for quite some time. Many in the community and even
on the team were confused about the teams processes, structure and goals.
Our wiki is a valuable tool and needs to be a comprehensive guide to what
our team is, what it does, and how to join us and use our teams tools and

We have accomplished some of this work on the wiki already. While we have
made some great progress on the wiki we still have some work to do. This
Saturday we will be getting together to work on the wiki. One major task we
wish to accomplish this weekend is re-orientating the focus group wiki
pages. We will keep the wiki pages and use them as 'quick start' guides for
that area of the community. If an Ubuntu user is ready to get involved in
that area off the community they should be able to go to, for example, the
Bugs section of the wiki and have a roadmap for getting started
contributing to that area of the community. It has been suggested we call
these 'Paths', which I kind of like. So we will have a Bugs Path and a
Documentation Path, etc. What is envisioned is a step by step guide for
getting started in that area of the community. We will assume no prior
knowledge in that area of the community, or the community at all. These
pages should be valuable for users who want to work at their own pace or
are finding no one available on IRC to answer questions and get them
started. Me and Silverlion will be getting together this Saturday to work
on these Paths pages. I want to invite anyone interested in helping with
the new Paths pages to join us. We would greatly appreciate your input.

Duane Hinnen
duanedesign at gmail.com
skype: duanehinnen

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