LXLE Release - might be of interest to some

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Mon Mar 11 09:49:15 UTC 2013

Ya, I was aiming for as light as I could but still be a drop in
replacement for xp or vista machines, so the heavy weight programs
brought some dependencies for sure. However, sometimes saving
resources as well as LXDE does can then be used on running deluxe
programs better. In other words whats the point of being light, if you
can't use the extra available resources to run grade A programs when
you might not be able to comfortably with a different heavier

Wasn't shooting for ultra light or all light programs, was focusing on
a balance of light system with easy to use, capable, first class
software that would meet most peoples needs and be an easy drop in


 Like Dropbox? UbuntuOne is better. 
 Use link below to get 5.5GB of space.

On 03/11/2013 at 5:35 AM, "神癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna)" 
wrote:Included U1? Not so fast, then. Lots of QT dependencies...
Also, I didn't test the ISO, it looks running the GIMP and
紳癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna)
Lubuntu Artwork Team
 That was actually a typo, it was supposed to be 32/64 bit machine
with 1 gig of ram.... trust me its runs very well and remains really
light, in the screenshots the task manager shows its using about 175
mb of ram to run.
I'll fix the typo now.

On 03/10/2013 at 9:15 AM, "Julien Lavergne"  wrote: 2013/3/10  :
> A Lubuntu 12.04 respin was recently released.
It's nice to see people building distribution with Lubuntu as base.
Sometimes, they may have some good ideas we can also implement.
However, when I see :

"Runs great on any 64bit PC with 1 GB ram."
I fear it's not as lightweight as we want on Lubuntu.

Julien Lavergne
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