Slideshow changes ?

Alexander Andjelkovic andjelkovic at
Tue Jan 29 20:03:32 UTC 2013

Hey Julien,

I've got the slideshow on my todo list for 13.04, so unless you want
to change something personally, you can leave it up to me.

Also, I will be a bit more on topic (even though previous replies
contained very good feedback):

I was hoping to add more slides about USING Lubuntu, and not just
highlight software. Currently we just mention that Lubuntu is built on
LXDE and that's it. So if anyone knows of any simple LXDE/Openbox
features that we should highlight, please share your thoughts (keep in
mind that all Lubuntu users aren't long time Linux users).

Alexander Andjelkovic

On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 6:04 PM, Julien Lavergne <gilir at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Usually, we don't change the slideshow (the presentation you see during the
> installation), because usually, we don't think about it soon enough. Let's
> try to change this :-)
> The goal of this mail is to gathered ideas of text and / or screenshots that
> could be a good idea to include. You can see this as an advertising of
> Lubuntu : you need to convince people with a minimum of time, but a maximum
> of good arguments and good features :-)
> Please, if you have ideas about it, share them with us, so we can see what
> we can include in the next slideshow.
> Regards,
> Julien Lavergne
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