Slideshow changes ?

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Sat Jan 26 20:38:15 UTC 2013

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> I agree that the alternate install can be used, and does work, and I use 
> it for machines with 512 megabytes of RAM (which _used_ to be sufficient 
> for installing any of the 'flavors' of Ubuntu).
> The problem is, it is prudent to try-out the new system before 
> installing it, and I must download the live CD system to do that, which 
> also used to be all that was needed to install it.
> But now, I have to download another CD (not all of us have fast Internet 
> speeds) to do the actual install.
> To me, it would be more friendly to the users, to be able to install 
> from what we already downloaded - even without the pretty pictures 
> (admittedly informative), than to require us to download yet another CD 
> when we decide to install.


Actually, it only took : sudo apt-get remove ubiquity-slide-show-lubuntu

...after learning from google/askubuntu that it was required for AMDs

This could be mentioned in Lubuntu-install-notes.

That, & a button to remove slideshow would do it.  -Tracey.

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