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On 01/26/2013 11:18 AM, Phill Whiteside wrote:
> Hi Aere,
> In the section 'Get Lubuntu' [1] we do actively encourage people with 
> low resource computers to use the Alternate install. The alternate 
> install does not require usage of terminal and is akin to a GUI (Slide 
> Show) install but without the 'pretty pictures'.
> Regards,
> Phill.
> 1.
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>             Please, if you have ideas about it, share them with us, so
>             we can see
>             what we can include in the next slideshow.
>         Answer : An OFF-button & a note.
>         It took me a lot of googling to figure out why lubuntu wasn't
>         installing
>         in my machine ( AMD 2400+ ) and it turned out I had to disable
>         slideshow
>         And it's worked fine after I did that. -Tracey
>     All:
>     Since a lot of people gravitate toward Lubuntu because their
>     machines are not capable of running Ubuntu and Kubuntu well
>     (because of lack of memory, and/or processor speed), I think it
>     would be a good idea to have an option of not doing the slide show.
>     Perhaps, even better, would be for the installer to see if there
>     is enough memory available to run it, and not load it in if there
>     wasn't, substituting a single picture (possibly the last slide of
>     the show).
>     But if it couldn't be done by the installer itself, at least
>     giving the user the option of skipping it if their machine doesn't
>     have a lot of memory would be a good idea.
>     I worry that whether the slide-show is done or not, it occupies
>     space in the installer, so the slide show would have to be
>     something that is loaded by the installer if the slide-show is
>     selected.  This worry is supported by the fact to disable the
>     slide-show, I had to actually remove the slide-show package.
>     In the live CD version, that slide-show is using-up memory space
>     even by its existence in the RAM file-system.
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>     Sincerely,
>     Aere
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I agree that the alternate install can be used, and does work, and I use 
it for machines with 512 megabytes of RAM (which _used_ to be sufficient 
for installing any of the 'flavors' of Ubuntu).

The problem is, it is prudent to try-out the new system before 
installing it, and I must download the live CD system to do that, which 
also used to be all that was needed to install it.

But now, I have to download another CD (not all of us have fast Internet 
speeds) to do the actual install.

To me, it would be more friendly to the users, to be able to install 
from what we already downloaded - even without the pretty pictures 
(admittedly informative), than to require us to download yet another CD 
when we decide to install.


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