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Hi Aere,

In the section 'Get Lubuntu' [1] we do actively encourage people with low
resource computers to use the Alternate install. The alternate install does
not require usage of terminal and is akin to a GUI (Slide Show) install but
without the 'pretty pictures'.



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>>> Please, if you have ideas about it, share them with us, so we can see
>>> what we can include in the next slideshow.
>> Answer : An OFF-button & a note.
>> It took me a lot of googling to figure out why lubuntu wasn't installing
>> in my machine ( AMD 2400+ ) and it turned out I had to disable slideshow
>> And it's worked fine after I did that. -Tracey
>>  All:
> Since a lot of people gravitate toward Lubuntu because their machines are
> not capable of running Ubuntu and Kubuntu well (because of lack of memory,
> and/or processor speed), I think it would be a good idea to have an option
> of not doing the slide show.
> Perhaps, even better, would be for the installer to see if there is enough
> memory available to run it, and not load it in if there wasn't,
> substituting a single picture (possibly the last slide of the show).
> But if it couldn't be done by the installer itself, at least giving the
> user the option of skipping it if their machine doesn't have a lot of
> memory would be a good idea.
> I worry that whether the slide-show is done or not, it occupies space in
> the installer, so the slide show would have to be something that is loaded
> by the installer if the slide-show is selected.  This worry is supported by
> the fact to disable the slide-show, I had to actually remove the slide-show
> package.
> In the live CD version, that slide-show is using-up memory space even by
> its existence in the RAM file-system.
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> Sincerely,
> Aere
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