Calendar/PIM recommendations/evaluations?

Chris Green cl at
Mon Jan 14 15:51:00 UTC 2013

On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 10:37:43AM -0500, John Hupp wrote:
>    I'm looking for calendar or personal information manager recommendations
>    and evaluations.  Overall recommendations (preferably with any
>    deficiencies noted), or what other programs are nice except for this or
>    that problem.
I have spent many fruitless hours looking for calendar/PIM and have
never found anything particularly satisfactory.  What I have wound up
with at present is as follows:-

    I use reminderfox (a Firefox addon) for entering important repeating
    reminders such as tax return dates (I run a small business).  I have
    a small python script that uses the file produced by reminderfox to
    pop up a warning message in my panel (using Generic Monitor) when
    events due in a few days. The panel message turns red when it's only
    three days or less away.

    For addresses and recording of things like dogs vaccinations,
    payments, etc. I have given up using anything clever and they live
    in text files.  The command line utilites (like grep and awk) are so
    good that finding things is very easy.  My addresses for example are
    in text file(s) with 6 lines per entry, I have a bash script to find

        # Address finding and editing program
        if [ $1 == '-e' ]
            if [ ${#2} == 1 ]
                vi ~/.addresses/$2
                vi -c/$2 `grep -l $2 ~/.addresses/*`
            grep -h -A 5 $1 ~/.addresses/*

    So to find an address I just enter 'a Fred' at the command line and
    any/all addresses for people with Fred in their name are listed.

>    I'm vaguely aware that there has been some controversy regarding the
>    Lubuntu email programs, so the same input is welcome on that topic.

I use mutt (command line junkie that I am).

Chris Green

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