Manually update a library? And a GetDeb question?

John Hupp lubuntu at
Sat Feb 9 15:45:11 UTC 2013

Regarding my last question below, I now see that Synaptic uses dpkg, so 
it seems very likely that despite the language of some of the 
documentation, there is probably only one package database shared by all 
the relevant tools.  Enlighten me if that's incorrect.

Regarding the Entangle v0.5 I wanted to install from source, and with 
the v0.4 package avaiIable via Synaptic configured for GetDeb, I ran
$ sudo apt-get build-dep entangle
to install just the dependencies for entangle, and then manually 
installed one additional dependency peculiar to Entangle 0.5.

Then I used configure/make/sudo checkinstall - checkinstall being my 
latest "discovery" - to install from the un-archived source in 
/usr/local/src (after making myself the owner of src).

[Checkinstall runs "make install," tracks that process, then creates a 
deb package based on what it tracked, then installs that package, which 
results in an installation that can be cleanly removed, unlike the 
unreliable "make uninstall."  Nice!]

This left Synaptic showing only Entangle v0.5 (installed).  It did not 
show Entangle v0.4 available from GetDeb.  Pleasingly clean and unconfusing.


Perhaps with Julien Lavergne's caution in my ears, I'm wondering how to 
best handle an upgrade to the already-installed libgphoto2 library 
package.  The upgrade is the only solution to my problem (related to 
Entangle, above), and it is not yet available via repo, PPA or GetDeb.  
Only from source.  I want to assure that I install it as an upgrade, not 
as some sort of a parallel installation which might confuse the relevant 
apps, or worse, leave them using the old version.

Perhaps the archive's README and INSTALL are all the information I need, 
but this is the first time I have attempted something like this, so I'd 
really appreciate any special pointers that might not be covered there.

On 2/8/2013 10:26 AM, John Hupp wrote:
> Running Entangle ( to do remote capture (aka 
> "tethered shooting"), which uses gphoto2 as the backend.  Developer 
> Daniel Berrange there (from Canonical) and Marcus Meissner et al at 
> the gphoto project have been very responsive and active in trying to 
> resolve a number of problems, the most recent of which have to do with 
> preview mode and macro mode.  And they already took care of several 
> other major problems over the past few months.
> In any case, all of these fixes have happened/are happening in 
> releases later than the ones available from the Ubuntu repos or even 
> GetDeb (though GetDeb just got back up and running after being offline 
> for a few months, so perhaps they are savoring that victory for a 
> moment before plunging ahead).
> ---------------------
> After my first post on this topic, I have learned that, since there is 
> no current repo, PPA or GetDeb download, one thing I can do (in 
> working from source) that would be much better than simply running 
> "make install" would be to run checkinstall, which creates a package 
> and installs that, producing a clean uninstall option.
> Also, spurred by Julien Lavergne's critique, I'll have a closer look 
> at dependency consequences.
> ---------------------
> As I have been reading more about all this and the various available 
> installation-related tools, one thing currently puzzling me are 
> statements like these from the dpkg manpage: "dpkg keeps its record of 
> available packages in /var/lib/dpkg/available.  ...  APT has its own 
> system to keep track of available packages."
> So in some lit it seems that there is only one package database that 
> all these package tools refer to and maintain. And so 
> says "read the 
> dpkg manual page before using dpkg, as improper use may break the 
> package management database."  In other places two or more databases 
> are indicated, as in the dpkg manpage.
> Can anyone clarify this with authority?
> On 2/7/2013 6:42 PM, Ioannis Vranos wrote:
>>> Le 05/02/2013 23:05, John Hupp a écrit :
>>> I'm running Quantal, I've been wanting and waiting to solve a camera
>>> control problem and feel that the latest release of libgphoto2 (v2.5.1) will
>>> probably do the job.
>> What exactly is your "camera control problem"?

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