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Phill Whiteside PhillW at
Tue Feb 5 02:55:52 UTC 2013

Hi Folks,

there are a couple of more classroom sessions coming up designed to let new
people who like the family that is (L)ubuntu to get involved [1]. Even if
you cannot make the classroom session, the session that is held will be
fully logged ( a couple already have). To make the best use of the
sessions, we do ask that you follow the instructions on the *please install
this* section on[1].

As a Lubunteer, I'd love to see some Lunbunteers on the sessions. Do feel
free to think questions, I may not immediately answer them if they are in
the classroom notes. The classroom sessions are due to be half the length
of the advertised time to let us have plenty of time for the Question and
Answer section time left at the end of each one.


P.S. the tech Lubuntueers are not only banned from asking 'tech' questions,
but when on the area, they will be expected to answer those from others :)
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