Slideshow changes ?

Julien Lavergne gilir at
Sun Feb 3 12:25:49 UTC 2013

Le 01/29/2013 09:03 PM, Alexander Andjelkovic a écrit :
> I was hoping to add more slides about USING Lubuntu, and not just
> highlight software. Currently we just mention that Lubuntu is built on
> LXDE and that's it. So if anyone knows of any simple LXDE/Openbox
> features that we should highlight, please share your thoughts (keep in
> mind that all Lubuntu users aren't long time Linux users).
Sure, it makes more sense to talk about actual use cases than technical 
details :-)
Just keep in mind that the text you will change need to be translated. 
So sooner you have it done, better it is :-)

Julien Lavergne

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