Issues with lubuntu-13.10-alternate-i386.iso / .pics/logo-50.jpg fails MD5 Checksum

David Johnson electronsciences at
Sat Dec 28 19:08:23 UTC 2013


I am attempting to burn a CD of the subject lubuntu alternate release iso.

I am able to verify that the MD5SUM of the .iso file matches the MD5 
checksum posted on the release web page. I write the .iso file using 
imgburn on my windows PC.  Imgburn successfully verifies the integrity 
of the written iso before completion.

Before attempting to install the newly written release to a machine, I 
Verify the CD image integrity.  The CD gets read and reports *MD5 
Checksum failure on file ./pics/logo-50.jpg*.

I have burned several CDs assuming that it was a bad burn with the same 
result.  I think something else may be the root cause. I though maybe 
the MD5SUM.txt file on the CD had a bad entry for that file, but on 
recomputing the MD5 sum for the offending file, I find that the entry in 
MD5SUM.txt on the CD matches the directly computed MD5SUM on that file.

The CD will not install with this problem.  Why does the check on the 
install program report a mismatch?  Why is it only this one file and on 
multiple attempted CD burns?  Has anyone else encountered problems like 

I would appreciate a work around or explanation.

Stuck in the breakdown lane,


PS: Secondary question:
I am attempting to coerce a 256MB / 400MHz Celeron Dell L400C PC to run 
this. Yes, I know I am beating a nearly dead horse..

I may run into the problem with the PAE flag, but I haven't gotten that 
far yet.  If anyone knows that this release won't run, on this machine, 
please suggest the latest release that probably would run on it.
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