Issues with lubuntu-13.10-alternate-i386.iso / .pics/logo-50.jpg fails MD5 Checksum

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Sat Dec 28 20:44:29 UTC 2013

Hi David,

Try some 12.04 LTS based version. I have been able to install for
example 'Precise Gnome Classic Tweaks' from either of the tarballs


into a Compaq with 256 MB RAM and a 400 MHz

using Plop to redirect the booting from the CD drive to a USB pendrive
with the One Button Installer. See

You can probably also install

LXLE and Xubuntu 12.04 and Bodhi Linux from the tarballs provided with
the One Button Installer.

But I could not install Lubuntu 13.10, probably because some driver was
not working with such old hardware.

Good luck :-)

2013-12-28 20:08, David Johnson skrev:
> Readers,
> I am attempting to burn a CD of the subject lubuntu alternate release iso.
> I am able to verify that the MD5SUM of the .iso file matches the MD5
> checksum posted on the release web page. I write the .iso file using
> imgburn on my windows PC.  Imgburn successfully verifies the integrity
> of the written iso before completion. 
> Before attempting to install the newly written release to a machine, I
> Verify the CD image integrity.  The CD gets read and reports *MD5
> Checksum failure on file ./pics/logo-50.jpg*.
> I have burned several CDs assuming that it was a bad burn with the same
> result.  I think something else may be the root cause. I though maybe
> the MD5SUM.txt file on the CD had a bad entry for that file, but on
> recomputing the MD5 sum for the offending file, I find that the entry in
> MD5SUM.txt on the CD matches the directly computed MD5SUM on that file.
> The CD will not install with this problem.  Why does the check on the
> install program report a mismatch?  Why is it only this one file and on
> multiple attempted CD burns?  Has anyone else encountered problems like
> this?
> I would appreciate a work around or explanation.
> Stuck in the breakdown lane,
> David
> PS: Secondary question:
> I am attempting to coerce a 256MB / 400MHz Celeron Dell L400C PC to run
> this. Yes, I know I am beating a nearly dead horse..
> I may run into the problem with the PAE flag, but I haven't gotten that
> far yet.  If anyone knows that this release won't run, on this machine,
> please suggest the latest release that probably would run on it.

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