A few Lubuntu Menu things...

Eric Bradshaw ericbradshaw at computers4christians.org
Sat Dec 28 17:34:40 UTC 2013

Debian Documentation Browser (no icon)
Debian Package Viewer
DBForge (no icon)
[Icon line missing completely]
DNGConverter (no icon in menu, but shows on desktop)
DOS emulator
Driftnet (no icon)

Israel: It might be better to host it on one of the *buntu sites. You 
could make a launchpad bug, or blueprint, or a wiki page. That way it 
will be around to link to for others without having to use your personal 
dropbox. Though, I suppose it could be better to compile the list first 
and then make a bug about it.

Eric: Agreed it would be better to host this on a *buntu site. Also 
agreed the list should be compiled first. However, I've only made it to 
apps installed through LSC that begin with the letter "D," so I'm not 
sure the list(s) will be done "in time" for the icons to be "fixed" 
before the 14.04 LTS release. Not sure what the best course of action 
is. I feel like someone should start going through the lists I've made 
so far to see if all/most icons can be fixed in the same way. I also 
feel like if I have a chance of finishing the list(s), I don't want to 
be the one to go back through. Just a time consideration. Then again, 
it'd be nice to have someone else start at "Z" and go backwards so we 
can meet in the middle. I don't know if anyone really has a computer 
they can spare like I do. I'm using a machine I don't mind wiping and 
starting over if it gets jumbled by all this (I must say though, by in 
large - it's gone very well). I've been installing from LSC, but 
removing from Synaptic as it reduces errors and more completely removes 
the apps and dependancies. Plus it's way faster (removing the apps via 
LSC have to be one at a time).

Israel: The thing I wonder most is if the apps without icons actually 
come with icons and the packaging has an error which doesn't cause the 
icon to install. I have too much going on right now to take on the task 
of looking into the source of those programs on lp and checking out 
their /debian stuff.... If this is a bug in packaging, though the larger 
*buntu community could possibly pitch in and run some script on all the 
packages to find out the error and fix it... I think the quality testing 
people should find out about this large swath of apps without icons.

Eric: There are some anomalies too. DNG shows no icon in the menu, but 
when the shortcut is copied to the desktop; it shows up just fine. Not 
too big either. I mean although blank in the menu, the 
"non-app-specific-icon" or "default icon" shows as a normal size.

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