iTunes on Ubuntu and all its official variants

Eric Bradshaw ericbradshaw at
Wed Dec 25 05:38:53 UTC 2013

I thought I'd throw another two cents in about iTunes (and the iLife 
suite). I last mentioned it was the look and feel of iTunes and the 
whole Mac experience my wife was after, but if someone simply wants 
functionality and choice I think Linux in general and Lubuntu 
specifically is a good choice for a whole mess of folks. +1 for Android too.

I believe most everything in iTunes/iLife may be replaced (and and very 
likely improved) by things that run on Lubuntu. For a music player 
Clementine is a good choice. Audacious is also good. Banshee also. And 
Songbird. Oh, also Exaile, DeaDBeeF and MPlayer. I'm sure there are 
more. My favorite is VLC [].

iPhoto replacements abound (F-Spot, GimPhoto, RawTherapee, Shotwell, 
digiKam). My favorite is a simple photo manager called gThumb 
[]. iDVD replacements also 
depend on your requirements – I’ve used DeeVeeDee 
[] a little, but there is 
also Cdw, DVD Flick, DVDStyler, ManDVD. iWeb replacements include Amaya, 
Arachnophilia, Bluefish, BlueGriffon, KompoZer, OpenBexi, TinyMCE and my 
favorite; SeaMonkey []. The best iChat 
replacement seems to be Pidgin [] (don't really chat at 
home). However, there is also Empathy, emesene, Gajim, Kopete, qutIM, 
SimIM and Swift to choose from.

 From what I understand, each book in iBooks is actually it's own 
application - not a standard format and therefore not transferable. I 
never used this app myself, but discovered this when trying to help an 
acquaintance. There is apparently a decent selection of ebook readers 
though - seemingly lead by Calibre [] - 
CoolReader, FBReader and Lucidore to list what I found Googling.

Ooh, just ran found a good roundup;


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