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> Dear Lubuntu Community,

Hello Norgas, welcome to this list :)

> Yes, Garry Gazules is right. There seems to be no one-stop-shop to get
> answers for all questions a newbie has-I am one!

Not the perfect source (as there is nothing perfect) but one of the good
things around:

Originally was:

> Pretty scattered infos.

I do understand what you mean. I see your point.

> I understand this, because it is not a company with a big boss, dictating
> what people are supposed to do and what not...

To put that correctly, IMHO, this is because different time zones and
people, who are usually volunteers, located at different places around the
world and most of the time, they don't sit and talk at the same time but
instead, everyone contribute when he/she has some free time :)

> nevertheless I do not want a big boss! People love their opinions very
> dearly, so when not happy with a site, make a new one with this beloved
> opinion.

Or make new distribution, just because they don't like the default
applications or certain settings, that is why Linux has so many
systems/distributions :)

Not to mention:

> I am still having heavy problems with Lub on my netbook and no solution,
> in spite of several posts and advices in the Ubuntu-Forum.

I am sorry for these problems you are having. I am sure our friends here
will help you as much as possible :)

> I tried to understand the mailing-list, the structure and so on, what to
> post there and what not-is there a FAQ for this purpose? This kind of
> communication is a new matter for me, too.

Myself and other good people have done our best to make this as simple as

It should have all what you need to know, at least now :)

> At first glance the Linuxworld seems not to be cash-or profit
> this true?

I'd highly suggest to have a look at:

> Further: Is there something I can do?

If you wish, that would be good :)

> Kind regards,
> Norgas

Enjoy and have fun :)
If you are in doubt, always ask!

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
Best Regards,
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