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Fri Aug 16 01:47:32 UTC 2013

Hi Ronnie,

the devs did not actually want a 13.10, it was desired that we skipped it
and concentrated on the 14.04 LTS. With the changes in support time for
desktop systems it became apparent that we must do so, else our 13.04
release would go EOL (End Of Life) before 14.04 LTS was released. This is
an inconvienence which has been accepted and embraced. 13.10 will be fully
stable (what else would you expect?). Such timings are also apparent to us
in XP going EOL shortly before 13.10 is released.... Talk about timing!!!!
There is an upcoming v-UDS[1] which I am sure that our head of dev will
hold a session on. There is also an area 'lubuntu-brainstorming' [2] that
is structured to allow 'wish lists' to be created, discussed on and then
proposed to the dev team. There are currently some RL things also going on,
which is why that area is not yet 'live'.

Be patient, all roads are set up to lead to 14.04 LTS. I'm sure you will
agree that the devs concentrating their long term goals to 14.04 LTS whilst
ensuring we have a rock solid stable 13.10 is the correct decision.



On 16 August 2013 01:36, Mr Wislr <contact at> wrote:

> perhaps a progression of testing ppa wouldn't be so bad, sorta like the
> 'steps' of debian, where users could test and or use different stages
> of testing packages and a packages progression could be measured by the
> sheer number of submitted / known bugs. The fewer reports for a certain
> period of time grants a step to the next phase to 'stable'
> i'm sure there are a thousands different things just like what i
> described and i remember things back in the day working very similarly
> i figured the lubuntu staging ppa was the same, i guess things have
> changed regarding the testing process.
> --Ronnie

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