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not something I do too often, but as there are reported issues with
startup-disk-creator (usb-creator / usb-creator-gtk) and I've seen issues
reported with UnetBootin I'd like to share:

Usb creator For anyone having problems with the startup disk creator /
unetbootin / casper (casper is the bit / system that adds persistency to
your usb device), you could do worse than grab the deb version of
I tried it tonight with 13.10 and went without a hitch. It's available from

 that page also has further details on it. For lubuntu users, download the
.deb file to your desktop, double click it and then GDebi will offer to
install it. It should then appear at Menu --> System Tools.

I'll have a further 'play' with it over the weekend, but so far, so good.
Allows the usb stick to be created from an installer CD, an ISO on your
hard drive or download via the internet. Hoping it is of use to people.



On 12 August 2013 19:57, John Hupp <lubuntu at> wrote:

> On 8/11/2013 12:33 PM, John Hupp wrote:
>> I have 4GB and 8GB flash drives currently serving as Live USB drives with
>> persistence running Quantal and Saucy.  For the sake of troubleshooting the
>> Flash/LightDM-login problems more invasively, I would like to make another
>> Live setup with persistence running Raring, but I don't have another bigger
>> flash drive on hand.
>> But I do have several 1GB flash drives.  I tried making a Live USB with
>> one of those, setting persistence storage to 100MB (via UNetBootin).  But
>> when I tried to use it I kept getting no-space-available sorts of errors.
>>  So I concluded that 1GB was too small to serve both for the Live USB and
>> the persistence storage. True?  (Though I think I observed after the fact
>> that UNetBootin had preserved some files and folders that were already on
>> the drive, so maybe I just need to try again after deleting everything or
>> formatting.)
>> I then tried to set up a Raring Live DVD with persistence using either a
>> flash drive or the internal hard drive, but so far have failed.
>> In one case I used Gparted (I don't know where I was using that, since I
>> don't now find it in the installed version of Raring) to create a single
>> ext3 partition labeled casper-rw to serve as the persistence storage, but
>> that didn't work for me.
>> For two other cases I began by running in a terminal:
>>     dd if-/dev/zero of=casper-rw bs=1M count=768
>>     mkfs.ext3 -F casper-rw
>> Then I copied the resulting casper-rw file both to a flash drive and to
>> the hard drive, but booting with the Live disc and either of those running
>> did not result in successful persistence.
>> Can anyone see what I was doing wrong?
> I tried again to make a Live USB with persistence, all on the 1GB stick,
> this time after reformatting (FAT32) and then setting only 50MB for
> persistence in UNetBootin.  And it did have persistence (as in my earlier
> attempt), but 50MB doesn't seem to be enough to do much.  Trying to Reload
> Synaptic, it again yielded the "no space left on the device" error.
> I also tried again to get to a workable Live DVD with persistence on a USB
> flash drive.  In Gparted, I deleted the existing partition, created a
> single FAT32-type partition labeled "casper-rw," then formatted the
> partition as FAT32.  I booted to the Live DVD with the flash drive inserted
> (choosing F6 Options and adding " persistent" to the boot string), made
> some changes, rebooted again the same way and found that the changes had
> not been saved.
> So apparently I'm still missing something.
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