Openbox Configuration Manager - Windows title font

Pierre Gobin lubuntu at
Sun Aug 11 17:49:44 UTC 2013

Le 08/08/2013 17:06, Pierre Gobin a écrit :
> Hi,
> I met an annoying bug since a long time with Openbox Configuration 
> Manager on Lubuntu. Indeed, if I try to modify windows title font from 
> Ubuntu Medium to another, then return to Ubuntu Medium, I do not find 
> the original aspect. Moreover, if I try to use Ubuntu Bold, Openbox 
> Configuration Manager stay with Ubuntu Medium.
> So my question is to know if someone else can confirm these bugs. 
> Also, I would like to know which is the original font used in Lubuntu, 
> in order to find the original aspect again.
> If my problem is not clear enough, I may be able to make a screeenshot.
> Thanks,
> Pierre Gobin

As I have no reply, I took a screenshot. My problem :
- In Openbox Manager, I change the default font ("Ubuntu Medium") for 
active windows.
- Then I modified again the font for active windows, to put "Ubuntu 
Medium" (the original font).
- Here you can see the result :

As you can see, active and inactive windows don't use the same font. 
Yet, they should both use "Ubuntu Medium".

I hope I was clear enough. Any Idea ?

The second problem is that even if I choose Ubuntu Bold in the dialog 
Box, I get Ubuntu Medium.

Should I file a bug ?

Pierre Gobin

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