make new Lubuntu versions cooperate with Pentium M

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Thu Apr 25 15:22:09 UTC 2013

Hi Julien,

Now, that we have launched Raring, it's time to start thinking about the
future of Lubuntu :-)

One thing that I hope we can achieve, is to make the next version able
to cooperate with Pentium M, that has no pae flag, but still the ability
to run i686-pae kernels of *ubuntu.

I have verified that it works for me in an IBM Thinkpad T42 to use the
fake-pae method for Pentium M CPUs by 7bit according to this link

This is good, but it would be great if this feature could be included in
Lubuntu, so that people can install a new version directly, and avoid
installing 12.04, add the fake-pae and upgrade to newer versions.

*I hope you know whom to ask about the details, where and how the pae
feature is checked*

I'm prepared to use my Thinkpad for testing, but I don't know enough to
find and change the code in Lubuntu.

Maybe I can even try to compile the crucial package(s), if someone can
hold my hands until I get the tools installed to do it (compilers,
makefiles, source code packages etc.)

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